Site Development and Establishment

  • Intranet tailored to the specific requirements of your building and its residents.
  • Site lodgement of all documents and other resources as specified by the Owners’ Corporation Committee.
  • Access for all owners, residents, tenants and committee with restrictions and permissions. as agreed by the Owners’ Corporation Committee.
  • Negotiation of agreed communication and site management protocols between Site Manager and Owners’ Corporation Committee.
  • Establishment of event calendar.
  • Video (if preferred) profile of all committee members.

 Site maintenance

  • Dedicated Site Manager.
  • Monthly site user fees (up to 3 users including the Site Manager).
  • 30GB space.
  • Accessibility on desktop and mobile devices.
  • All updates to site documents, access requests and restrictions within 24 hours of receipt of request.
  • Maintenance of tradesperson and contractors information.
    24-hour response time on all site queries to Site Manager.
  • Referral to OCC where appropriate.
  • Event calendar updates within 24 hours of receipt of request.
  • Integration with Owners’ Corporation Manager record keeping systems.
  • Quarterly report to Owners’ Corporation Committee – site usage, status, comments, queries.
  • Survey and report owner and resident feedback annually.
  • Daily monitoring and response to site comments.
  • Fortnightly newsletter update to members.
  • Facilitate annual review of documentation.