Stories and Storeys: How to Improve Your High Rise Living Experience

Much has been written about living in high rise buildings and not all of it good. The Australian Institute of Architects' Professor Kerry Clare, winner of the 2010 Gold Medal for Architecture, the nation’s highest honour, says high-rises "diminish people’s participation in public spaces" and cites the work of another architect, Taz Looman, who has argued that towers ‘‘create silos – physical, social and psychological’’. (The Age online 30.8.2016)

But for families, couples and individuals who live in city high rise, the lifestyle can be a great option. So how can you make the most of your high rise experience?

Here are five ways you may not have thought of:

  1. When a new neighbour moves in welcome them with a note in their letterbox. Say hi and offer to help them get to know the building and other residents. Anne, a high rise dweller in Melbourne’s CBD, says this courtesy was extended to her and made all the difference about how she felt about her new home.
  2. Say hi to people you meet in the elevator and, if you've seen them two or three times, chances are they are your neighbours so go ahead -- introduce yourself.
  3. Get to know your building manager and find out what he does. The building manager knows what’s going on in the building and will help you find answers to everything from when the hard rubbish collection goes out to What to do if you lose your key.
  4. Make use for the common areas in your building. The gym, pool and garden are great places to meet other residents.
  5. Take advantage of Apartment Hive -- the intranet exclusive to your building. On most occasions, it will provide all the information you need at the click of a mouse.
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