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​Apartments are one of the most common forms of residence in the 21st century. And, as populations increase worldwide, so will the need to live in smaller spaces. Unfortunately this can sometimes mean a loss of the benefits that come with living in houses in traditional, suburban neighbourhoods.

Knowing the folks next door, having control over where your money is spent, being able to make the changes you want to your building so that

it's right for you ....these are all great things about living in houses. Unfortunately you also have to clear the gutters, mow the lawn, fix the roof and paint the fence.

At Apartment Hive, our vision is to help apartment owners establish a community within their strata titled building, while retaining and enhancing all the advantages of apartment life. Apartment Hive has been developed so that all owners can be well informed and have their say.

About Apartment Hive Principal Kirsty Carter

I have owned and lived in apartments most of my life, currently in an 87-apartment tower in the great city of Melbourne, Australia.

I love apartment living because of the ease of maintenance and sense that there are others who share an interest in making our building the best it can be.

I've been a member of owners' corporation committees and worked with owners' corporation managers. But it hasn't always been easy. Difficulty getting access to information about decision making and 

where and how my "body corp" fees are being spent, not being asked my opinion when major decisions are made about the property are among the problems I have encountered.

Technology provides us with new and exciting ways to remedy these communication problems, so I developed Apartment Hive to make it easy for all owners to get and share information and to communicate with committees and managers. In doing so, we can all save a lot of time and money.

Kirsty Carter
Kathy RobbIndependent Consultant

Kirsty is driven by a desire to maximise her clients' potential and demonstrates a spirit of curiosity and learning that translated into questioning the status quo and being open to new and innovative ways of doing business.