Save time, effort and money.

Build safe, connected communities.​

Apartment Hive is a fully supported and customised intranet designed exclusively for owners and residents of strata titled properties. Our vision is to help apartment owners save time and money and build great communities in which to live.

Imagine never again having to find out what's going on in your building by reading a notice board groaning under the weight of 50 out-of-date sheets of paper.

Discover how easy it can be to find out about renovation standards, fire safety, owners' corporation meetings and the next hard rubbish removal.

Save your time and money by hiring the best tradies and services, in the comfort of knowing they have been used and recommended by your neighbours.

Apartment Hive is a unique information and communication source for owners and residents of apartments and their building managers.Information about living in your building is stored on the Cloud-based Hive and made available exclusively to owners and residents.

Your investment includes a comprehensive intranet fully supported by a dedicated site manager who will maintain and update the site

You don't have to do anything apart from decide what you want on your Hive.

Plus there are many other easy-to-use features.

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Allan Martin  Apartment owner

Apartment Hive is an easy way for apartment owners and tenants to be on the same page, literally. It's a cost efficient method of fostering a sense of community and sharing really useful information in apartment complexes.